Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Working in Pairs

I appear to have been working in pairs the past week.  It has been quite relaxing doing so, and has meant that I have seen the finished product much quicker.  Very satisfying. The past few months I have needed to make quickly and have had too many things on the go, making it too much of a production line to make it too satisfying.  

Last weekend, I took a little step back and decided that I would leisurely complete a few cushions ready for a couple of events I have in the next week.  I loved these cushions when I made one for my niece (she is still taking hers to bed with her!), they are so cute, and the plan was/still is to make some in the New Year, but I couldn't resist.  These won't be available in my shop until 2012, but I do have a couple that will be available to buy at the Contemporary Arts and Craft Fair, Astley Park, Chorley, on Sunday 4th December, and I am also happy to take orders.

Today's mission was a new design bag. I had previously decided that I would like to use my pear design on a wash bag. I'd intended to do this for a while, but hadn't had the opportunity, so I seized the moment and took advantage of my quiet house (everyone was out, lovely!) to make a pair of pear bags.  I had intended just to use one pear, off centre, but I liked the three of them together.  I'm wondering though whether I should have used contrasting thread on the pears, and make the stitching more of a feature.  What do you think?

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