Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Little Self Indulgence

I have been neglecting blogging recently.  Things have been so busy here, and both myself and the little Tinker have been suffering from horrible colds (with hacking coughs), and therefore sleepness nights and fuzzy heads!  I have also had so much to share, I've not known where to start... resulting in Emu syndrome!  Anyway, my head is out of the sand, and I've decided not to dwell on what I have done and what I have wanted to write about, and start afresh from yesterday.

As I have said, things have been very busy.  I have been doing lots of making ready for my stockists, and for the events that I have been selling at.  All this is done now, I had my last party (before Christmas) on Monday evening (another successful event), and thought I deserved to do something for myself.

So, after the children had gone to bed last night, I came into my room, and instead of getting my machine out, I picked up a piece of paper and started doodling...

... and then out came my scalpel...

... and a few hours later I had this!

I just love paper cutting!  

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silvermousey said...

Wow amazing...are you going to frame it? x