Pinny Up Girls! Proud Owners of Lovely Pinnies

These lovely ladies have found their Inner Goddess.  
Michelle likes to bake and make risotto in her halter neck pinny.
'I practice making tasty suppers in my A-line pinny.'

Gloria finds her halter neck pinny essential when her son-in-law comes to stay and wants an English breakfast in the morning!!!

Anne never seems to be out of her halter neck pinny!

Kath likes to bake bread in her halter neck pinny.  She also got dressed up and wore hers for the Royal Wedding street party in May 2011!

Lovely Em cooks, eats, and does most of her household chores in hers!  Well why not, what a gorgeous print she chose!!

Janet likes to wear her halter neck pinny when she is  cooking with her grand children... and then treats herself to a nice glass of chilled white wine!!!

Amy won her pinny in the Loula Belle At Home giveaway in June 2011, and has been putting it to good use!!

'I wore mine at work, in the office kitchen (where it was much admired), for a baking fundraiser!'