Monday, 16 September 2013

My little man is 5...

... and insisted that he was going to have a Cowboys and Indians party, so I got into the groove and started planning.  I really had to get my head into gear for this one, his birthday is right at the beginning of September, so invites had to be out and with his friends before he finished in July.  Quite an achievement for me to be so organized!!!

I started by spending a lovely morning in the garden, enjoying the sunshine, drinking coffee, and painting (something I rarely do).

This image was then scanned and made into invites.  I printed the cowboy onto card, cut them out and then cut holes at the bottom so that you could put your fingers through and make him dance.  They were fixed to the front of the invites with foam pads and the party details were printed on the reverse of the invites.

This cowboy was then also used for 'pin the mustache on the cowboy' (please also note the decorations the children made...the Fairy produced some fabulous artwork and the Tinker helped paint and cut out the cactus)...

... and also on the party bags.

Next up was the cowboy costume. I found the tutorial for this over at 'House of Noise... I mean boys'.  Really simple costume to make, it took about an hour and a half (honestly)...

...and it looked great!

Next came his card... had to get some paper cutting in there somehow!!! 

And backed onto his favourite colour.

For his cake I made a horse...every good cowboy needs a horse.  I simply made a template in the shape of a head, and cut it from a rectangular shaped simple sponge.  The ears were cut from spare bits of cake and I used BUTTERcream (it has to be butter!!!) to decorate it, colouring it with differing amounts of cocoa.

At parties, I always like to include an activity for them.  I feel it stops them from getting too silly, and means you don't have to play games all the time.  Simple headdresses were made, the children decorated their bands and then added their feathers.

Yee-ha, what a fab party!  

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