Sunday, 20 November 2011

A Super Duper Trip out to Blackpool

Yesterday I headed off (at some ungodly hour) with lots of my lovely products and my little helper, to the Winter Gardens, Blackpool for the Super Duper Fair.

I find fairs quite hard work, lots of mad dashing to get everything on your stall in time, lots of standing around... waiting... and then a mad dash to pack down, rush home and see my children (and have a glass, or two, of wine!)

The frantic hustle and bustle as people set up.
And here we are.  Set up and ready to go, with my little helper trying to hide!!
 Although it was a long day, with lots of standing around (I like to be at eye level when talking to customers, but don't like to spring out of the background when they arrive, so find myself stood for most of the day!), it was pretty good.  There were lots of visitors... but that could be due to the fact Engelbert Humperdinck was playing at the Winter Gardens that evening (do you remember him?!!!), and thankfully some of them were out doing their Christmas shopping!

It was also lovely to catch up with some faces I hadn't seen for a while, including the lovely Linda from The Glass Boutique (you can also find her on facebook), and Margaret, from Soapure who makes the most delicious soaps (also on facebook).

I also had the pleasure of meeting some fabulous textile designers Charlotte from Strange Bird Designs and Coo&Co.  I am looking forward to following their developments, and having the opportunity to look more closely at their work, it's fab.

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