Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Encouraging children to make!!!

As you may well know, I feel it is really important to encourage children to make and create, and so have been working on various kits to support this.  

'These kits have been designed to provide children with the opportunity to experience new activities, develop skills, and build self-confidence that will last a lifetime.  They also offer the perfect opportunity to spend time with your child, doing something together and creating lasting memories for you both.'

Because my main passions are sewing and cooking I used this as a starting point.  

Soooo, now available to buy are...

... The Budding Chef's Cooking Set...

This kit is available for boys and girls..

... you can even have it customized.

We tested the kits when I took a set each for my niece and nephew last time we visited.  They loved them, and kept getting their utensils out to look at, and then putting them away again.  My niece was really sweet, carrying hers around with her... she even came down for breakfast the following morning with it clutched to her!!

They enjoyed making the gingerbread people even more.  First they explored the dough...


... and then it was down to business!!!

This cooking set compliments the Little Beau Utility Pinny Set and the Little Belle Utility Pinny Set.


Also available in the new make and do range are some little brooch kits, containing everything you need to make yourself a brooch. Fabulous little gifts that fit perfectly into a Christmas stocking!

You can make a Christmas pudding...

... or if you are not too keen on Christmas pudding, you could make a Fairy cake.

So if you are looking for a pressie to encourage a little on you know to have a go and do something creative, head over to my shop for a closer look!

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