Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A visit to see the works of Peter Randall-Page in Wigan

When I was told that Peter Randall-Page was going to be exhibiting in Drumcroon Gallery, Wigan, I felt my eyebrow raise a little!  Those of you who had had the pleasure of experiencing his work will know that quite often, they are very large sculptures beautifully carved from stone.  Today I finally managed to get over to visit the exhibition;  Showing his Hand: Peter Randall-Page Small Works, and I am so glad I did as it reminded me how much I love his work.  

I have visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on numerous occasions, and have experienced some of his work there.  When I say experience, I really do mean experienced.  Although extremely pleasing to the eye, Peter Randall-Page's work calls out to be touched, and I love it when a piece of art work (or fabric!!!) does that to me.

The exhibition in Drumcroon Gallery was on a much smaller scale, there was a large number of pieces of print work that I loved, some small scale sculptures and some maquettes  (a small scale version) of larger pieces of sculpture.

Time for some images.  If you do want to find out more about Peter Randall-Page, you can visit his website here.

These prints excited me, due to there utter simplicity, and the reminder of the prints that we used to make with splodges of paint as children.  They are done by putting, in this instance, ink on one side of a folded piece of paper and then folding in half to create a mirror image.  So simple, yet so effective!

More print work.

These were created using pieces of tile.

And some sculptural work, although stunning looking, they don't have the same impact as in real life.  If you like them, please do seek some out to visit as you will love them!

This was the Tinkers favourite.
He requested that I should take a photo of this one!

Unfortunately this was in a glass cabinet so I was unable to touch it.
There is a large version named 'Seed' that you can see here.  I'm not sure where its locality is,
so if you have any idea, please let me know.

I love this...

... and it looked spectacular with the pieces it was sat with!

Fab!!  I hope you have enjoyed looking at these, and if you have and have never experienced his work first hand, do seek some out.

Leaving on a sad note... I was very sorry to hear that there is a very strong likelihood that the gallery will be closing in the near future.  Unfortunately Wigan Council are blinkered to the work that they do, and the important role it plays for people that may not have the opportunity to access similar provision elsewhere.  I wrote about it earlier in the year, and was sad and angered by the news today.  It managed to hang on during the cuts in the 1980's, things really are looking bleak!  Thinking of all those who have put in hard work and shown passion for the work they have done there over the years. x

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