Monday, 19 September 2011

A Little Deer

A few months back I was doing a little doodling, and sketched a little deer...

... I love the vintage style 'Bambi' deers with over sized heads...

... so had to make myself one!!!

I think she is rather cute... she has the 'ahhh' factor, and is perfect for little hands to hold.  I love the way she looks in vintage fabric, and feel it is in keeping with the era of the style.  

This is a sneak preview of things to come, I will be creating some of these to sell!  They will all be made using vintage fabrics, and will therefore be a limited number of each, so keep your eyes open for the ones you like!

Although she doesn't really have a name, when I glimpse her in my room 'Dilly' springs to mind.   So what do you think then?  Should I stick with Dilly or do you have any other suggestions?

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the glass boutique said...

These are lovely, Hope they do well, x