Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Fairy has been learning to use a sewing machine!

I was very excited when the Fairy received this as one of her birthday presents.  I loved Clothkits as a child, especially these lovely dolls, and some of the first garments I ever made using a sewing machine were Clothkits.  It was sad when the company became dormant during the 1980's after they were bought out.  However, the relaunched in 2008 has provided us once again with some lovely products.  They are even offering to make some of their products for you if you really don't want to do it yourself.

I had been planning for a while to show the Fairy how to use a sewing machine, and this gave me the perfect opportunity to do so, so over the summer we got to work.

I prepped it for her, ironing it and cutting it out.  Although she is extremely competent when it comes to using scissors, we both would have been very upset if a mistake was made.  Incidentally, I added 5mm to the seam allowance as there was only 5mm given!  Apparently on their newer designs this has been taken into account and a 1cm seam allowance given.

She then put the pieces together and pinned them in place...

... before getting to work.

It was actually quite a tricky project for a first project.  There were quite a few curves to navigate, which resulted in me bending over her, helping her to guide the fabric, whilst she worked the machine.  The straight bits she could manage by herself whilst I stretched my back!!!

She was very disappointed when she had finished because she had enjoyed using my machine.  I assured her that this was only the beginning and that she can do some more, starting with the little top that was also bought for her doll.

Welcome to the family Kiki.

Kiki camping in Nidderdale!

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Creating Trouble said...

What a great intro to using a sewing machine - and it's so nice to hear about your daughter getting all excited about the sewing and wanting to use your machine more. (saying that, by the looks of the machine from the photo I quite want a go too: mine's nowhere near that smart!) Kiki looks great and I hope she gets a whole outfit to wear!!