Thursday, 24 February 2011


I made a decision when I started this blog, not to be particularly political when writing for it.  However, it is a blog about my creative work (mostly!) and I feel passionately about children having creative and practical experiences.  Drumcroon Gallery in Wigan is under threat of having its funding from Wigan Council withdrawn.  Unfortunately the North West doesn't have its fair share of galleries, and it is therefore important that we do our best to save what we have.

As a designer/maker, I feel that projects like this provide fantastic opportunities for people, in particular young people (who may come from backgrounds that would not traditionally visit galleries etc.), to access the art world, have first hand experience of galleries, and have the opportunity to create their own pieces of work whilst visiting the gallery.  It also provides the opportunity for children in schools to work with artists on projects in school, allowing them to recognize their own creativeness.  I don't want to harp on, so this is what the Save Drumcroon Group have to say:

After 30 years of pioneering work, providing education in art to thousands across the borough, The Drumcroon Gallery is facing the real possibility of closure.
Wigan Council is considering withdrawing its subsidy from the gallery as it is forced to axe millions from its budget.
If you are one of the thousands lucky enough to have been through the doors at Drumcroon, be it as a pupil, or in later life, we urge you to join our group and raise the much need awareness to the plight of this outstanding establishment.
Even if you have never visited Drumcroon, but believe in the importance of art in the community, and more so the positive impact it can have on future generations, we urge you to sign up, and spread the word! 

Please help save this service by taking a few minutes to sign the Save Drumcroon petition by clicking here.  You can also join the Save Drumcroon Group here.

Many thanks.

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