Sunday, 20 February 2011

Another busy week (and a half!!)

I can't believe that another week (and a half) has passed, and that it is nearly the end of February!! I am far too busy and life is flying so fast I am finding it difficult to find time to babble about my doings!

Here is this week in a flash... 

... a lovely bucket of flowers (literally a bucket, they were in a galvanized steel bucket!) from my hubby declaring his love... I gave him Jamie's 30 minute meals hoping to encourage him to cook me a lovely meal.  He couldn't hide his disappointment!!!

Pattern making...

... to enable me to reduce the piles of fabric in the living room...

... and free Lily from her back breaking work.  I really must organize my workspace upstairs and get an ironing board up there.

At the end of the week I was making a collage patchwork with a group of children at a primary school in Wigan, with the theme of New Beginnings.

Today I finally got around to making some fairy cakes with both the Fairy and the Tinker.  The Tinker thought for a moment that we were making dough and stuck both hands in, gooey mess everywhere!!!  Very tasty cakes though and the Fairy did an excellent job of decorating them in her usual pink way!!!

Oh, and to top it off...

... potty training.  Weh hey!!!
Looking forward to the new week.  I am guessing it will be hectic with both the children at home.  Happy half-term to all those at home with children!


ilovedolly said...

Potty training! Rah rah! 1000 pants on the line is not a phase that lasts (too) long xxxx

I nomiated you


Minky Magic said...

I know exactly where you're coming from! Too much to do, so little time. Half term in our house too - have fun and good luck with that potty training. My little tinker is nearly at that stage as well. Can't wait to be nappy free - first time in nearly 4 years!Marie x