Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Trip to Knaresborough Castle

My other half is a bit of a historian on the sly.  Even after... er... eighteen years, he amazes me with his knowledge.  And it's not that he has studied History in an educational establishment, he really does have a passion for it, and it is all self taught.  One thing he really seriously loves, are castles!  When ever we go away, he always checks to see if there are castles in the area, and then puts them on his mental list of places to visit.

Last night it was decided that we should go out today as the forecast was looking good, and it was looking like we were heading for a historical trip out!  After spending a while debating whether Richmond Castle was too far away, I decided that it was.  Although I would love to go to Richmond Castle with the children, I didn't want them cooped up in the car for hours on end.  We decided on Knaresborough castle, near Harrogate, as neither of us have been before and we both love the beautiful drive through the Ribble Valley, past Pendle, and out towards Harrogate.

We packed a picnic, blankets and suncream, set out, and had a fabulous day.  Unfortunately I didn't manage to take many photos, and the sun prevented me taking a photo worth showing of The King's Tower (the only building in the castle that remains after most of the castle was demolished in 1648 after Parliamentarians gained control during the Civil War in 1644).  We did however go into The King's Tower, and down into the 'prison' (originally used as a cold room, but later used as a prison).  We were also lucky enough to venture down into one of the Sallyports, underground tunnels used for secret entry or exit from the castle.

I also managed to find myself a doorway.

I do like doorways!

We contemplated how many people had walked these steps for them to look like this.

My favourite part of the day was sitting on the grass, on our picnic blanket(s), eating and chatting in the sunshine.  My favourite view of the day was this...

... what a very special view, and one that I could sit and look at for a long time... if the children could sit still long enough that is!!!  The boat you can see are rowing boats you can hire.  Something I would love to do when the Tinker is a little bigger, with not so many ants in his pants!!!

If you haven't visited Knaresborough, it is definitely a place I would recommend.  Beautiful, although a little too busy with traffic on a sunny Saturday in the middle of the holidays!

Happy weekend.  Hope that you manage to visit somewhere as lovely this weekend!

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