Sunday, 17 July 2011

It's too cold... I wish I was still on holiday!!!

Summer...bah!!!  It has been miserable today.  I don't think that it has stopped raining at all today.  Every time I have looked out of the window there has been rain.  My husband greeted us with 'Happy Sunday' this morning at breakfast time and the Tinker said "daddy it is not Sunday, it is raining"!!!

At least I have the memories of beautiful sunshine, clear blue sea, soft sand, needing an ice cold beer... the list goes on.

We had a fabulous holiday.  We went back to Puerto de Pollenca in Mallorca, after having a great time there last year.  We decided that this was an area we would like to explore more, and hired a car so we could get into the mountains and do a little more traveling.  Although we didn't do as much exploring as we initially intended, the children just wanted to swim and visit the beach, we did have some fantastic experiences... some of which I would not like to re-live!!!
I thought I would share some holiday pictures with you.

This was the very scary drive the Formentor lighthouse.  There really were some spectacular views, including those of the bay of Puerto de Pollenca, but there were shear drops off the side of the (very narrow) road, resulting in me having sore fingers from gripping the side of my seat!!

One of the things I love the most about holidays is visiting the old parts of towns and walking down streets like these...

Pollenca Town
Alcudia Old Town
... I also love the door ways...

I would like this to be the entrance to my home!

... and the knowledge that behind these magnificent doors are beautifully tiled entrance halls!

And look at these for windows to look out of and check the weather in the morning!!!

Although we are not a religious family, we do have a tendency to drift towards religious buildings... I guess because of the architecture, but there is also the guarantee of magnificent stained glass in larger churches.

  I was amazed at the intricacy of the stone work...

...and the beauty of glass.
Apologies for the awful photo, my camera hated it in
there and this is the best I could capture.
 Oh, and a pretty flower dancing in the breeze!

Most of all, I loved the huge smiles I saw so much of on the faces of my gorgeous ones!!

For those who have not yet had their holidays, I hope you to have a fantastic time.  Happy Sunday everyone!!!

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