Saturday, 2 July 2011

An hour (or so) of crafting!

Very rarely do I get chance these days, to sit down and do something completely different, but today was one of those days.  The little Tinker was at a birthday party this afternoon and I had encouraged my husband to take him so that I could get some packing done!!  That wasn't a total blag, I really did have a lot of sorting to do, but I also had the Fairy's birthday card to make as it is her birthday while we are away.  

As I have mentioned previously, I do like to make cards for people, and as my children have never had a bought card from us, the pressure was on!!  Last night I sat with my husband, asking him for ideas... I got 'anything with fairies or princesses'.  I gave up, I didn't want to think fairies or princesses.  I'd managed to steer her away from having a princess party (we're having a tea party with granny Kitty's* tea set) and didn't want to go down that route.  

I have however, gone down the fairy route!  This morning I had a revelation, remembering a match the silhouette puzzle in one of the Fairy's magazines, and thought that I would take the opportunity to try my hand at paper cutting, something I have been wanting to have a go at for a while now.  The delicate and intricate work of Rob Ryan has always intrigued me, and I do love the excuse to get very sharp implements and paper out!!

I started work on my design this morning while the design was fresh in my head, and managed to do the cutting out this afternoon.  Seven fairies, one for each year of her life.
 This is how it turned out...

I am pretty pleased with the outcome.  The fairies looked really pretty when held up to the light, but as it was going to be a card, I had to put paper behind them.  I think that this will be one to frame and put up in her room.

Although I am pleased with the outcome, I did become a little disheartened when I looked at the work of Nic aka Supercutetilly.  Her work is absolutely fabulous.  I'd seen her at one of the Chorley Contemporary Crafters fairs earlier in the year when I stopped to admire her very beautiful textiles work, but since then she has taken up paper cutting.  I think I have a long way to go!!!  Please do bob over and see her work, it really is something else.

I must go now... I hadn't intended to blog!  A bit more packing and then a soak and early night.  See you in a couple of weeks!!!

N.B *Before I forget, Granny Kitty was my granny, my dad's mum (head of the family, cake, pastry and bread maker, and not a lady to be messed with!)... I will be sharing some of memories of her (and more) over the next few months.


Creating Trouble said...

Gorgeous card! I'm very impressed - I have a tendency to slip when I cut thin strips and ruin my work... Your fairies are so intricate.

Supercutetilly said...

Lol.......I think your cutting is just perfect, we all have our own technique and style...otherwise the world would be very boring hey? Maybe I'll see you at another fair in the future but thanks for sharing me :) xx

uhooi said...

Wow,, This is very nice, creative and sweet,,