Friday, 22 July 2011

Preparing to Party!

Tomorrow is the Fairy's birthday party, so the past few days I have been getting into the spirit of it.  This morning I got out the tea set that I inherited from Granny Kitty's (my granny) as she is going to be having a tea party.  I also have been on a cake making mission.  We now have fairy cakes, all decorated and ready, and a cake waiting to be decorated.  I'm waiting for her to go to sleep before I make a start!  I like the cake to be a surprise, and to decorate downstairs ready for her when she gets up in the morning of her party.

This year I have been busy making paper decorations.  I was shown these tissue paper pom-poms by seventyseventyone design and wanted to make them straight away.  They reminded me of the many flowers I made at primary school out of tissues at playtime on rainy days.  I had a great time making them with my lovely helper, and now I have a huge pile waiting to be hung up.  It really is time she went to sleep, I have an awful lot to do, and can still hear her bumping!!

Time to get busy.  Have a good weekend everyone!

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seventyseventyone said...

Hope it went well. Your pom poms look fab. :)