Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Little Lady's Tea Party

The Fairy's Tea Party yesterday went down a treat... I am still recovering from having eight excited and very (very) vocal seven year olds competing to have their voices heard!!!!

The planning for the party began weeks ago.  I managed to persuade the fairy that it wasn't really another princess party she wanted, but a tea party with a proper tea set and pretty dresses.  To be honest, she didn't really need much persuasion, she loved the idea.

Before we went away we set about making some tea cup invitations, she cover sheets of card with strips of patterned paper and I drew a template of a tea cup for her to cut out.  She did an excellent job, only needing help with the handles.

Organization of the party stopped there for a few weeks, until the day of her birthday, when we were on holiday, and I realized I hadn't even thought about her cake.  I was thinking tea cup, but the handle was causing me dilemmas!  A quick text to my sister and I thought I have it all under control.... a giant fairy cake!  The beginning of this week I started to think about how I was actually going to manage it, and after hours of thought, phone calls and messages to various people regarding different tins, on Friday night I came up with this...

I used a deep cake tin, and a glass pudding basin to make the cake, tapering the bottom once the cake had been made.  I used butter icing and jam to hold the layers together, and butter icing to decorate. Apparently you can buy cupcake shaped cake tins, but if you want to make one without, and would like to know how I did it, just give me a shout and I'll let you know.  

On Friday night I also hung the paper pom-poms from the ceiling for decoration.  They look fantastic, and her face was a picture when she came downstairs on Saturday morning.

Although there are always a few games planned for the parties I have done for the Fairy, I have always done an activity with them also.  This year we made some little fairy cake brooches out of felt.  It was an excellent activity, all of them got stuck in, really concentrated on what they were doing (there were some serious looks of determination around the table!) and made some lovely brooches. 

These were the almost finished products... luckily my mum was on hand to stitch the brooch backs onto them whilst I played some games with them before tea (my husband had informed me earlier in the week that he was having to work... agh!!!).

Then came tea...

A proper tea party.  The girls were really funny, they loved using the tea set, and being 'ladies' (although this did slip slightly on occasions!).  

Hopefully it will be a party they will all remember.

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