Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Little Tour of the Royal Exchange Craft Shop, Manchester... and something that made me chuckle!!!

I was just having a little meander around blog land, when I noticed a little virtual tour around the Royal Exchange Craft shop in Manchester that I had previously missed.  It is just as I remember it.  I haven't been into Manchester for a very long time, but is a place I like to go with my mum, and it always results in a trip to the Royal Exchange.  I love it, so I am very pleased that I have some of my products in the shop there, and it is lovely to see them on the shelves in this clip!  I plan to escape for a day, and visit over the summer holidays.

And onto the something that made me chuckle.  The other day whilst I was having a quick tidy before bath time, I glanced down and noticed that I had been walking around with a cone attached to the side of my foot!!!  Hmmm... I wondered how long it had been attached for, but felt relief that I hadn't gone out!!!

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