Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cupcakes v's Macaroons

For a while now I have been seeing glorious coloured Macaroons piled high on pretty plates, and reading little snippets here and there about how Cupcakes are passe, having been displaced by brightly coloured delights!!

I decided that I would put them to the test and make some Macaroons myself.  The perfect opportunity arose when we did the photo shoot a few weeks ago.  I decided I would make some and the girls on the shoot could finish them off.  

I had great fun making them...

...I know that things look pretty orderly here, but what a messy process.  I cannot believe how sticky the mixture is.  I was sooooo pleased that I had decided to wait until both children were in bed before I started.  It is certainly not a baking activity I would embarked upon with children!!!

The girls enjoyed putting them together, covering their clothing, from sticky messiness, in my new design A-line pinnies (available to buy very soon!!!)

So, what was the verdict?  We sampled them (I had sampled them the previous night) and the overall consensus was that they are too sweet (understandably considering the amount of sugar in them), and if given the choice cake would rule!!!  The only conclusion that I can come to is that the cupcakes that are being referred to are those overly decorated examples that make me feel slightly queasy just looking at them, rather than the ones the Fairy puts together...erm there is time for her yet (see here for an example of her handy work)!!!

Give me this fabulous chocolate cake, filled with cream and strawberries and covered with a chocolate sauce sent from heaven any day!!!

What would you choose?

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Minky Magic said...

Sorry I've not been by your blog in a while, and in that space of time it looks like you've had a makeover!! Love your new pinnie pics and glad to see you're still baking! Marie x