Saturday, 23 April 2011

Getting ready for Easter!?!

In all honesty I have been pretty rubbish at Easter activities this year.  I has a few things planned, but they have gone by the wayside due to the fabulous weather we have had.  I thought that I had better pull out my finger this afternoon and make the trusty fairy cakes with the Fairy and Tinker.  We had seen some fab bunny cupcakes, but I really didn't I was up for it with the both of them and I wanted it to be fun.  It was lovely seeing them work together.  Each of them had jobs to do... the Tinker claimed the egg cracking job which resulted in egg all over the work top...but there was none of the usual bickering over who was doing what.  After tea the cakes were decorated.  The Fairy did the icing whilst the Tinker put the eggs on.  Naturally we had to make sure the eggs were good enough for the cakes before we put them on!!!
The ones with the three eggs are no longer, and my two have gone to bed in chocolate heaven... waiting for the Easter bunny to come and bring more treats.  Because we are not a big sweet eating family, there is always great excitement at the prospect of having sweets... the Fairy can hardly contain herself!!!

Actually thinking about it, I haven't done too bad.  We have also done these eggs...

...and there was also the Easter hat as blogged about here.

The hat was for an Easter hat competition at school... I don't think I mentioned, but I got it wrong.  There was no Easter hat competition!!!  I had read a news letter from school regarding a hat competition, but hadn't read it properly.  It is a wedding hat competition for the Royal Wedding!!!!!!  Looks like I'll have to get my thinking cap on!!!!!

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