Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A proper wedding hat!!!

I mentioned in a previous post that the Fairy entered a non-existent Easter Hat Competition just before they broke up from school!!  I hadn't read the news letter thoroughly enough, and the hat competition was for the Royal Wedding, not Easter!  Tomorrow is the big day, and tonight after school we both got beavering away.  I know we shouldn't have left it so late, it was a little frantic, I had an idea in the back of my head what we could do for weeks, so hadn't really given it much thought!

Never mind.  We conquered!

We used one of her sun hats, we had planned to use the one I had made her for last summer but (surprisingly!) it couldn't be found, and made some roses to stitch on it.

As you can see the Fairy was pretty pleased with the out come.

It was lovely doing some proper grown up stitching with her.  Although I did the machine stitching, she cut out all her pieces, pinned them together and then hand stitched the roses together.

She then embellished the insides of two of the roses before helping me stitch them on with some pretty ribbon.

One of the roses had pretty sequins...

...the other some beads.

My little girl also had some words of wisdom for me.  I was becoming slightly stressed at one point.  I was very conscious we had little time, we also needed to eat, and the little Tinker was making a nuisance of himself.  She said "mummy, it is fine.  Take a deep breath and be calm".  I did as instructed, and things came together beautifully!!!

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