Thursday, 7 April 2011

Making an Easter hat

Tomorrow is the day of the Easter hat competition at the Fairy's school.  She had seen a hat similar to this one and decided that she wanted to make a similar one.

On Wednesday when she was at school I raided my paper stash, I also planned out the crown for her to cut out, made her a few templates... a butterfly, a large flower, a small flower, and got everything out that she would need.  This included:

green card for the crown
yellow card (we used 2 different shades of yellow for the daffodils)
pink card (butterflies)
straws (for the stems)
pencils, pens etc.
 double sided tape 

This is what she did...

... she (we) drew around the flower templates.  She used seven, but the amount needed would depend on the size of the child's head.

She cut everything out...

... and made the flowers, sticking the little flower in the centre of the large flower using a small piece of double sided sticky tape.  She made them 3D by bending the petals of the small flower towards the centre.  They were then stuck onto art straws (drinking straws would work just as well) - don't have the straws too long or they will bend with the weight of the flower heads!!!

I then wrapped the crown around her head and fixed it to the correct circumference before she stuck the flowers in between the blades of 'grass' using sellotape.  She finished it off by making and decorating some butterflies to go around the edge and stuck them down with double sided tape.

Ta daaa.  An Easter crown fit for a little princess!!! 

If you would like to make one, but are a little unsure of my instructions, please feel free to contact me.

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