Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Make and Do: Making Waves

One of the project I have on the go at the moment, is a Make and Do Club that takes place after school at a local primary school.  

The past few weeks we have been working on an ocean scape, and today (after having each of the individual pieces lying under a huge pile of books for a week to flatten them!) I laid them out on the floor to have a look at them altogether as an ocean.

This was a two week project.  The first week, we made sea marks by creating negative lines in paint paste using sticks.  Great fun.  As you can sea (ha ha, sorry!) see some of the children created storms, with churned up seas, whilst some waves simply tootled along, in a calm and relaxing manner!

We then had a look at some images of fish and created a collage of fish on the top of the sea using recycled paper.

Tomorrow we start a small printing project.  I know that some of them have been working on a healthy eating project, so I thought I would incorporate this into the next project.  I'll show you what they got up to when the project if finished.

I can't believe I have had 'we will have a fishy, on a little dishy, we will have a fishy when the boat comes in' all the way through writing this post!  Will it go away now I have finished... somehow I think not.  Aghh!!!

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