Thursday, 17 May 2012

The foxes have new homes to go to!

Okay, this is the result of the Foxy Loxy giveaway that I started on my facebook page and have had to finish here due to fb rules I wasn't aware of (see the post below).

Anyway, this is the outcome... 

After a little shake in the builders hat... I removed the plastic
inside so that none could hide!

I placed a piece of paper on each of the bags...

... and then opened them up!

The winners were for the Foxy Loxy purses were Hannah Barett, Claire Louise Richards and Michelle McCulloch.

The Foxy Loxy Washbag is heading off to Dawn Bevins Design.

If those people could contact me and let me know where to send the little fellows, I'll wave them off!

I have activated a 15% discount code that will be available for everyone else to use in my shop until the end of the month.  Just enter FOXYLOXYMAY2012 at checkout.

Thanks to all those that entered, and I apologise again for the hiccup! 


bears footprints said...

oh congratulations to all those lucky people, shame that fb has such silly rules x

Claire said...

Ooh, yay! That's great, thanks! I'll email you now :)