Thursday, 17 May 2012

Aghhh!!! FB Competition Crisis

As some of you may be aware, I had set up a giveaway on Facebook.  Unfortunately earlier today a friend of mine sent me this link that says facebook can close down your page if you hold competitions, so regrettably I have had to close it.

However ...


... I do still have a bag and three purses that need new homes, so my plan is to put the names of all those lovely people who have been over to my facebook page, left comments and shown their support, into a hat (I think the Tinkers building hat would be appropriate for this as we have Busy Builders at our house at the moment creating us a lovely bathroom).  This will be my job for this evening as I now have to get my stuff ready for the Make and Do Club I do at a local school each Thursday after school.  I'll let you know later what the outcome is.

I'm really sorry about this, in the future any other competitions I have will have to be done on here.

Thanks for your understanding :-)

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Bombay Sapphire said...

Things seem to be getting so complicated on fb, not making it easy for anyone!