Friday, 11 May 2012


More often than not, as soon as the little Tinker and the Fairy have been fed, watered and put to bed, I make my way upstairs to my attic studio to work on Loula Belle At Home products, and as I have a number of new stockists, I have plenty of work I could should be doing!

However, as much of my time last week was working on art projects with groups of young people, I allowed myself to come upstairs and do something creative for myself (unfortunately a pretty rare occurrence).

Out came the scalpel and one of my notebooks where I had drawn a doodle during the Easter period, and this is what happened!

I chose some lovely paper and re-created my doodle, then I got cutting!

This is the reverse side of the finished piece,
the side I was working from.
As I work I like to flip it over to see how it is coming on!
After 8 hours hard labour (I did have to break it up with a nights sleep!), I had finished.
Reverse of finished Doodlecut1
I find that mounting papercuts is really stressful.  People have said to me that they look like lace... they do, but they are so fragile.  Although it says on the tin of the glue that it is repositionable, it is not.  Once it has touched the mount board it isn't coming off without disasters!  

After steadying my nerves, spraying glue and attaching it to the mount board I allowed myself to breathe once more (good job it doesn't take too long to do!!!) and popped it in a frame to see how it looked.

This is now for sale here.

After indulging myself in some papercutting, I then received another order for one of my Personalised Family Tree papercuts, so I had another opportunity to pick up my scalpel!

If you are interested in having a Family Tree made for your family, or to give to another family, you can find more details here, or you can contact me.

I hope that you have a fabulous weekend.  I will be taking tiles off our bathroom and shower room (which are tiled all over) ready for the builders who are coming on Monday to knock a wall down!  Agh!!!

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