Sunday, 27 March 2011

This weekend I have conquered!!!

I am feeling rather chuffed with myself this lovely, almost summer, evening!!!  I just love the fact that we are going to have longer days... it really does make it feel as thought there are more hours in the day.  This evening we went outside with the children after tea, and it felt like it was the holidays... okay, I must admit it was on the chilly side, and I did ask for a blanket at one point, but it felt great!  Anyway, I have digressed... although the almost summer evening has left me feeling rather pleased, it is the fact I have conquered my washing this weekend that has done it for me!!!!!!  I know, I know, but it really has given me a feeling of satisfaction.  I have been so busy that chores have been the last thing on my list of things to do and because of this, we had empty drawers... I had dirty clothes waiting to be washed and huge piles of clean clothes that have been waiting to be ironed for weeks (it has been driving me mad, everywhere I looked there were piles of clothes!).  I decided at the end of the week I would twirl (I perfected it as a child after I was given a Wonder Woman outfit for Christmas), and become 'Washer Woman'!!!!!  
Now I don't have an ironing pile...

... my piles of ironed clothes are away, and our drawers are full.   I start the new week without the frustration of washing (and a clean pressed pinny-left hand side with big floral design!).  For a few days at least!!!  Best wishes for the new week.

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