Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I hope that you too have experienced pancake heaven!

As soon as the little Tinker heard that I was off to the kitchen to pop on my pinny and make pancakes for tea, he followed behind dragging a chair and demanding that I put an apron on him.  Unfortunately for him he doesn't have one made by me... aprons for boys are in the pipeline!

I am a lover of the fat little pancakes (I fell in love with them, and ate copious amounts, on holiday in America as a child), not the ones that people (often men if I am not mistaken... please correct me if I am wrong but I have the understanding that pancake throwing goes alongside fire making and barbecuing!!!), for some reason, insist on throwing into the air.  The exception being crepes which are a completely different kettle of fish!!!

Here's the recipe.  I know it is a little late in the day for sharing pancake recipes...  I really should get more organised... but please don't wait until next year to try these.  They are a definite hit with my children and we love to eat them for breakfast at weekends (if they are lucky!!!).

200g of plain flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder
1 egg
1tsp sugar
10ml milk
1 grated apple*
butter to fry them in

To serve... what ever you fancy, for example
maple syrup or honey
creme fraiche or mascarpone

* use any fruit you fancy really.  They are very tasty with grated pear, mashed banana, a handful of blueberries or chopped strawberries.

Simply throw your pancake mixture into a bowl and use a whisk to mix.  Add the fruit of your choice.  Heat a frying pan and melt a teaspoon or so of butter to cover the bottom of your pan.  When hot add a little of the pancake mix... use about half a ladle full for each one.  Fry for a minute or two, flip (with spatula!!!) and cook the other side.
Put on a plate, cover with yummy things, and eat.

You can find more delicious recipes here.

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Fiona Pattison said...

i want that pancake right now! Yummy! : )