Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My baby is a big boy!

(This seems like such a long time ago!)

Today was The Tinkers first day (well, half day actually) at nursery.  He had a few visits before half-term with his daddy, but today he was being left!!!  I can't believe what a different experience it was to when my daughter started.  I remember leaving her crying her little heart out, waving to her from the window, and then having to pull over along the lane because I couldn't see due to the tears (er....this continued for some time!!!).  Today I left him, he didn't flinch, and was very grumpy when I arrived and said it was time to go home!!!  All afternoon he has informed me that it's "nursery Thursday"!  He loved it.  Hoorah.  I was hoping that he would be so tired that he would be happy to go for a sleep this afternoon so that I could do some work.  I should be so lucky...time to slog on!!!

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Hannah said...

hello! I had a lot of tears too. Neither of mine liked to be left all that much. Glad your boy s happy!