Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Recycle, recycle, recycle

I have a problem. I hate throwing fabric away. Even if they are really teeny bits, I find it very difficult to head for the bin with them (even though that is where some of them belong!!). I also have fabric that I have reclaimed from items of clothing, often not big enough to do that much with. I decided over Easter that I would start cutting out triangles from my scraps and make them into bunting. I love bunting. It looks so cute flying about in the wind, and reminds me of the street parties as a young child! Ahh nostalgia. I particularly love the pink bunting that I have made as there are loads of bits of fabric that I have been unable to part with from garments my daughter has grown out of. What a great way of keeping bits of your children's things. Anyway. I did go a bit mad and made a little more than needed, so have put some up for sale in my Folksy shop.


Minky Magic said...

Cute bunting! I have lots of my daughter's old clothes that I'm keeping for a project some time in the future and this one might be it!

SimJaTa said...

Good luck with your bunting, and great idea. I have just found a way of using up some of my scraps too:)
Hope to get them finished and maybe even listed in the Folksy shop by weekend/or perhaps at weekend as I keep loosing time.

Bags of Swank by SimJaTa

TopCat76 said...

Gorgeous fabrics, especially the floral on the bottom one. Thanks for your comment on my blog - I was the same with the Book Thief, it sat on my shelf for at least a year before I felt like reading it.

Crafty Baker said...

I am the same with fabric scraps! the really small bits, I save for my son and he has a great time glueing and 'sewing' them together to make outfits for his lego men. He has got a great imagination! x