Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Cushion Tutorial Part 1

I was commissioned to make some cushions for a lady. She didn't want to go and buy some from a department store, and had found some fabric that she wanted to use. I was recommended to her from someone who had previously bought table linen from me (hooray!). After having a chat with her and looking at some pics, she decided that she would use her patterned fabric bought from Laura Ashley (who have a lovely collection of fabric, you can have a peep here) to make some simple plain cushions.

This is it made up. A tutorial on how to make this cushion can be found on my new 'Tutorials and recipes for lovely crafty things' page on the right-hand side, or you can click here.

She also had a lovely mucky pink piece of linen and some natural linen, and had told me on the phone previously that she loved shell buttons (I just so happen to have a stash of them so took them along with me). She'd wanted to use pink, but her husband had objected. I suggested she just used a strip and that we could incorporate the buttons onto the strip.....

..... this is what I came up with.

Both went down a treat with her and her hubby (I am sure that her little boy, who has just started moving around, will love making cushion mountains out of them!!!!).

I will post a tutorial for this in the next week or so for anyone feeling a little more adventurous after making a really simple cushion.

Happy stitching.


Minky Magic said...

Nice Tutorial! I may be tempted to give it a go one day!!

Minky Magic said...

Hi there, in reply to your question - the tutorial reads well enough but I don't think you can tell until you actually start making it and I haven't done that yet! As regards to photoshop I'm not an expert but I know a few basic things. You can email me if you like x