Friday, 30 April 2010

Dooshky, dooshky, dooo!!!

Here are a few more recipes that I have made over the past week. There are a few more, but time is precious (and I may not cook for another month!!!).

At weekend my daughter and I made some vanilla fudge. I had fudge on the brain when I read Florence's blog a few weeks ago (they had made peanut butter fudge). However, not being a peanut butter fan, I wasn't even going to give the recipe a try. Instead I went for plain old vanilla fudge. Mmmmmm.

Have a look here for my recipe.

Sorry, ran out of time. You will have to wait a little longer for the Chicken and Leek Pie (actually, it was Quorn and Leek as my hubby doesn't eat meat- and we re-named it love pie..... wait and see!!!). You can see where my priorities are when it comes to recipe sharing!!!

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Minky Magic said...

I love LOVE love fudge! I'll put your recipe on my list to make. Mmmm, can feel it melting in the mouth already!