Saturday, 17 April 2010

A funny old week.

This week has been a funny old week. My husband took some time off work so that we could do stuff together whilst school was closed for the holidays, which was good. We played games, I got out in the garden and did a bit of digging! We also had a trip to the Sealife Centre at Blackpool!! Hmm.... Blackpool... funny old place. I struggled even thought the sun was shining. The Sealife Centre was okay, although I wouldn't bother going back to it, and the kids enjoyed it. Very expensive for the 1.5 hours we spent in there, and we had 1/2 price tickets! Anyway... a picnic by the sea and a donkey ride ended it nicely before we escaped.

The following day, brought trauma. Another beautiful day and a broken arm!!! A relaxing wander through the woods... tea at the local pub... and then a trip in an ambulance with my daughter who broke her arm (sooooo obviously broken- makes my stomach turn thinking about it!) falling off the monkey bars, and an over night stay in hospital while she got fixed up. Anyway all plastered, and we are very relieved it was just her arm.

I finished the week with a trip to Drumcroon Gallery to preview
the new exhibition (I was reluctant to leave my babe as my husband was working but mum insisted and I'm glad she did), Textile Narratives. My favourite part of the exhibition was the work done by an artist called Val Jackson (you can see a little more of her work via this link). Her work for this exhibition explored her 1950's childhood and growing into adulthood through the 1960's using the medium of a study of clothing worn during these times.

Val uses various machine stitching and layers of silk, metallic gauzes, tissues and collected scraps to create fantastic pieces of historical memorabilia. They really are worth a visit if you are in the area. Here are a couple of pictures, but you really do need to see them to appreciate them.

I loved this portrait. Fab.

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