Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Last night I got all stitchy!

One minute I was browsing blogs, happily seeing what other people were up to, the next minute I was frantically snipping bits of paper (and my finger!!!), sticking and creating pretty random stitches, including some French Knots (which I love to do, I find them very therapeutic?!!). Each of the cards are different, and I thoroughly enjoyed the randomness of them after the restraints of stitching pinnies (which I still need to label) and doorstops. I am just hoping that other people will like them enough to buy so that I have an excuse to make some more (p.s you can buy them here).


silvermousey said...

Lovely! and they look environmentaly friendly too...I could imagine them being the front cover of a notebook.
I really want one of those flower brooches you had..do you still have any?
I've been a busy bee too, got a rare day off without Imogen tomorrow so having a crafty one and preparing for another silver fingerprint day at Rascals on Monday.
Have you got anything planned? x

Not Just Handbags said...

ooh lovely very simple & chic! Elissa