Thursday, 18 November 2010

Some work from some of my favourites

I have been far too busy this week, mixing cement, choosing slate and continually clearing up mess. It will be worth all the mess next week when I am sat in a toasty warm room warming my feet by our new burner.  I am very excited!

Anyway, instead of showing off the fruits of my labour, I thought that I would share a few of my favourite things that other people have made.

This lovely cushion has been made by the very talented Zoe Badger (aka Zebedee).  Zoe creates fabulous lino prints and I had been in touch with her a while ago saying they would look fab on fabric for things like cushions.  Anyway, she has done it, they look fantastic and are selling well.  Pop over to her shop by clicking on the image and have a look at her other lovely prints.

Another print, this time of two Ptarmigan by Deebeale.  I love the simplicity of Deebeale's work and the colours used.  Click on the image to see more.

I love rectangular shaped pendants.  I bought a beautiful one for my sisters 21st and every time I see her with it on I am envious.  I must love her to have let it go!!!  Maybe one day I will own one. This is a lovely example by Brazen Hussies.  Click on the image for a link to the shop.

And finally ...  a lamp... not just any old lamp.  How pretty is this?

These are made by Hannah Nunn.  I love dandilion clocks.... well actually its a bit of a love hate thing... I really dislike dandilions because they are a pain in the garden, but I guess without them we wouldn't have the beautiful clocks or sugar stealers.  Have a look here at the blanket of sugar stealers from early summer.  Anyway, I have digressed slightly.  Please go over and have a peek at Hannah's other lamps by clicking on the image.  


Hannah Nunn said...

Hello! Well thankyo very much for featuring my lamp! ...and I have learned something. I didn't know you called the seeds sugar stealers! Where does that name come from?


It's actually come from my husband. I can't remember what we called them as children, but he always called them sugar stealers... it must have come from his grandmother. Both his gran and grandad were from Lancashire. It is a lovely name isn't it?