Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Get knotted scarves!

At the beginning of last week, before becoming ill, I made these scarves.  In fact, I thought I had given myself motion sickness with all the sewing that I had done.  I work on a vintage Singer and it has a tendency to create quite a large amount of vibration on my workshop (attic) floor! 

They are quite simple to make, and a lovely way to show off a beautiful piece of fabric.  I particularly love the one shown above.  These are scarves (to keep the chill off your neck), but a wider and longer piece of fabric creates fantastic shawls, perfect for summer evenings.  

The scarves were washed after I had made them, and knotted before drying, to create their crinkled textured look.

There are three different fabric choices, all of which are really pretty, and they are available to buy in my Folksy shop here.

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