Monday, 19 July 2010

Ta Daaaa!!!

I have finally managed to make myself a skirt ready for my hols.  I'm not altogether happy with it.  The invisible zip isn't as invisible as I would like it be, it is perfect at the top and I'm not sure what happened at the bottom.  I will have to make another to perfect the skill.   It's also not as flowy (this really should be a word!) as I would like, I have a little too much fabric at the hem as I decided I wanted it a little shorter, even though I had already cropped the pattern. But, I don't think I have done too bad over all, and it passes the hubby test so it must be okay!  There were a couple more shots from different angles, but I am feeling a little shy!!!  The pattern was the Barcelona Skirt by Amy Butler.  A simple to follow A-line skirt pattern that already has a few alternate skirts within the pattern.    

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Minxy Bags said...

That's not a bad attempt at all! and don't worry, as you said, the next one will be better. You have to start somewhere! ;)