Saturday, 17 July 2010

And the winner is .....

...  number 10.  I put little folded pieces of paper with the numbers 1-15 on them in a pretty box (too tired to take photo!) had my little prince waved my daughters wand over them whilst shouting shake shake shake.  The little princess (sorry big princess) then delved in and produced the number 10.  When I looked at those who had left a message Kerry was the tenth person, well done you.  Contact me and let me know which small cosmetic bag you would like and where you want it to go to.

That's me for the day.  Managed to survive six six year old princesses for two and a half hours (just!) and now my princess and prince are tucked up in bed it is time for a glass of wine (or two!), my tea and a quiet evening.  I planned to make myself a skirt for my hols .... been meaning to find time for weeks, but too exhausted.  Bath, a read and bed!!!

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Design By Kerry said...

Hiya - I did reply to your message on the Craft Forum - did you receive it? Glad you had a good holiday. Kerry x