Thursday, 3 June 2010

Sad Samlesbury Sunday!

A disappointing day at Samlesbury Craft Fair last Sunday. I had gone feeling quite positive. I had made up a number of my cute cosmetic bags that have been going down a storm, but there wasn't really anyone to buy them. I had a lot of positive comments from both those who did call by, and other traders, but it just wasn't happening. It makes me feel better when it is everyone though. The people that did come just weren't spending. This was my stall at the beginning of the day..... and unfortunately it wasn't much different at the end!!

I did however managed to have chat with a few of the people I had previously met.

This is Soapure a soap company based in the Ribble Valley. The lady that runs it is lovely and her soaps just smell devine. She now has a shop on Folksy. You can buy her lovely smellies here.

Charlotte from Silvermousey was also there with her fingerprint jewellery. She also has some lovely anodised aluminium jewellery (which can be found in her Folksy shop here), but has been focusing more so on the fingerprinting side to her business. She has been busy setting up a website for this, you can have a look here.

If you are wondering what happened to the fudge..... I helped cheer up some unhappy traders who needed sugar hits to put smiles on there faces.

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SimJaTa said...

Sorry your fair didnt go so well, does seem to be the trend though of people not spending, I was asked a couple of times at mine on Monday if I took credit cards? might have helped but cant afford to as yet.

sure you got to give out some info, so you never know. Fudge sounded good:)