Monday, 21 June 2010

Pinnies are not just for housework!!!

At the beginning of the month I sold this lovely pinny through my Folksy shop (hoorah!!!).  I love it when people like my goodies enough to buy them and it is more difficult to do so online.  People (including myself) tend to be more inclined to buy if they can pick things up, and I have had more sales this way.  Anyway, great excitement, a pinny sold online.... then I get an email from the sister of a lady called Florence who has a blog called Flossie Teacakes.  I love Florence's blog and the work she does, and apparently it was Florence who has pointed her in my direction.  She had asked for her recommendations and mine (quote) "was a design she has absolutely fallen in love with".  As you have probably realized, I was (and still am) very chuffed.  This is a relatively new venture for me, and things are moving slowly due to other commitments, so feedback like this is fabulous.  Florence's sister then informed my that the pinny was not for her, she is an editor, and it was for a gift for one of her authors, Anne Marsella, who wears aprons to write in.  They are her uniform for work, and she has a selection she uses strictly for writing.  Excellent.  I just love the idea of someone sat creating a piece of literature in one of my pinnies.  Anne wrote about her uniform in her blog here.  It is worth a read, it put a smile on my face.

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