Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Little stitches - making juggling bags

Before half-term me and my daughter decided that over half-term we would make her daddy his Father's Day pressie. I thought that something to juggle with would be a good idea as both the children love to watch him juggle, and I hate the fact that he uses the fruit to do it with!!!

We used: scraps of fabric, embroidery thread, lentils and plastic food bags.
This is what we did:
My little girl chose the fabric that she would like to use and the embroidery thread she was going to use for each one. I then cut out squares measuring 12x12cm using pinking shears. She then got to work. I was on hand and actually ended up putting holes around the edges so that she could see where she needed to stitch (she is only 5 - sorry nearly 6 - and doing this this provided a good guide for her). She stitched around 3 of the sides (leaving the 4th open for the filling).

We then measured half a cup of lentils and wrapped them securely in a plastic bag (making sure that the lentils would fit into her juggling bags first).
She then sewed the gap and I secured the end.
By the end of the week we had 3!!!

Hopefully now the fruit won't get used....
...and I always know where some spare lentils are if we run out!!!

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