Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Catching up

I am trying (my very hardest) to catchup.  I have had quite a few things waiting to be uploaded onto my shop and I have finally done some of it.  I managed to get a few more of my lovely cosmetic bags up a week or so ago, and now have more to do!!  I think that half the problem is that I tend to make only a small number of anything, which means more work for me when it comes to listing them!  I think that these ones are my favourite so far.  I love the mushrooms.

My sister went for one of these...

... and I have put one of these to one side for myself.  

I have also managed to list a few more pinnies.  I noticed I only had one left in my shop so thought I had better do something about it.  I haven't made many just recently as I have been way laid with various things (a couple of orders, but fiddling with bag designs mainly!), but have loads of fabric waiting to be transformed.

You can buy these or look at some more of my lovely things in my Folksy shop or in my Etsy shop.

Best get on with some work before school is out!!!  Happy Tuesday everyone.

1 comment:

SimJaTa said...

They are lovely bags, I however am still a total zipnaphobe and envy you - just cannot get my head around the lining on a zip.

Let me know when you find those elusive extra hours we all need.