Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Fairy has been creating a fairy garden!

I had a lovely Sunday afternoon with the Fairy whilst the little Tinker was sleeping.  She had wanted to watch Tinkerbell, again, but she would watch telly all day given the chance so I encouraged her to do something else.  I suggested she makes a garden for some fairies, she pulled her face but after I have explained how she got very excited and got stuck in.

First of all we carefully went through my magazines (making sure she didn't demolish any articles/images I wanted - my mum laughs at how possessive I am over my magazines!!!).  She then created a flower collage, cutting out and covering the whole sheet with beautiful flowers, before getting down to drawing the fairies on a separate sheet.

While she carefully cut them out, I routed out some sticky pads to make the fairies look like they were flying when she stuck them on.

Ta daaaa....

... and a close up of some of the fairies.

It is now by my desk, making me smile every time I see it.

The afternoons crafting didn't stop there.  She then took a flower from the Easter hat she had made here, that had begun to look a little unhappy, to create herself a corsage for her dress (we were going out for a meal and she was glamming herself up)!

I love it!

N.B.  I mentioned a flower here.  I was sure that I had been told at some point that it is a passionflower, but in actual fact, it is a clematis.  Sorry all you botanists, and keen gardeners out there, and thanks mum for putting me straight (again)!!!

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