Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I have creative children - carpet art!!!!!

This morning while I was running around before school/work trying to get myself (and others) organized, the little Tinker decided that he would get creative.  I heard a little voice say "mummy I need a pinny", so went to investigate.  This is what I found...

Wow, fantastic, people have said to me... and then they have realised where it is... on my carpet!!!!!
I must give him credit though... most of it was on the paper that he had found for himself, it had just run over ever so slightly!
I couldn't be cross with him though.  Luckily it is an old carpet and needs replacing anyway, but what a piece of art work.  It is fantastic, and I doubt he would ever have been given the opportunity to use soooo much paint on one go if he had been supervised!  Also, I can't believe how careful he had been.  There could have been paint absolutely everywhere, but there wasn't... it was just there on his masterpiece.  I'm not sure what name it should be given... any ideas?

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silvermousey said...

I think expensive would be an appropriate name for it ; ) x