Tuesday, 14 December 2010

My Little Victorian Girl!

Firstly, I can't keep up with myself.... I should have done the post last week, but didn't get round to it!!!

About a week and a half ago, the Fairy came home from school stating that she wanted to be a Victorian girl on a school trip to Gawthorpe Hall, Burnley the following week.  I can't say I wasn't aware of it, I was.  I had received a letter from school saying they could dress up if they wish, but hadn't mentioned it to her... hoping that she wouldn't be interested... as if!!!!

My response was "Okay love, I'll see what I can do".

There was no way she was going to be gentry... so she got a maids outfit.


I made the dress by adapting a simple top from this book by Emma Hardy.  It is a lovely book that my mum gave me recently, it has lovely images, and simple instructions for some quick makes. Unfortunately, it only goes to age 5, and the Fairy is a big 6 year old so I can't just follow a pattern, I have to re-jig it!

This is the pattern I adapted.  Very simple, and quick to make.  Perfect.

Then came the pinny, and I seized the opportunity to create a prototype for my new children's pinny (that has been flying around in my head for months), a new range for 2011.  I was please with the outcome.  A little more tweaking to do with it, but I am looking forward to using some fabulous fabrics on it!!  Hope fully I will be able to grab some time over Christmas to make some!!!  Am I being optimistic?

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