Sunday, 19 December 2010

I'm being driven crackers!!!

Brrrrr......... yesterday it was like this when we got up.  I had planned a visit into town to get a few bits and pieces, but there was no way we were going anywhere except in the garden to play in the snow.  Unfortunately the snow was beautiful powder snow and was impossible to 'sculpt' into a snowman.  So we had to throw it around instead!!

After lunch whilst the Tinker was in bed, I decided we had better make a start on the crackers the Fairy and I were making for Christmas day.  On the whole crackers annoy me, they cost a fortune, generally have rubbish gifts, hats that don't fit and dreadful jokes, which is why I decided it should be a Fairy activity.  

We have been collecting toilet roll tubes and I had bought some snappers from Ebay.  First we made some of the gifts to go inside (very useful gifts!!!).  We haven't done jokes, I'd asked the Fairy if she new any and I got the knock knock Dr Who joke.... hmmmmm.  Er... we haven't done hats either as I thought about them a little too late in the game. Although we were missing some (not so essential) essentials, we laid out our bits and pieces by the fire and got to work, and this is what we made....

... I thought they looked good but had a feeling the Fairy would want to embellish them.  I was right, and cringed slightly when she said yes she would like to add sparkly bits.  I left her to her own devices at this point and when I returned this is what we had....

... fantastically classy looking crackers.  What a good job she has done.  I couldn't believe that they hadn't been covered!!!!  It makes me realize how grown up she has become.

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