Monday, 11 October 2010

New Baby Playmat

This is my latest quilt.  I have used the lovely tufted cotton fabric again as I love the texture it creates.  I love making these.  I always thought hand stitching too slow, but I have begun to enjoy it and its therapeutic effects, and I love the effect the circular stitching has on quilts.  You just could not do it with my machine, it would be a constant battle and I would end up with an unsightly splodge effect. 

I listed this quilt on my Etsy shop yesterday evening and have received a message to inform me that on the same day it was listed, it was chosen for PolyAndClayed's treasury which you can see here.

My youngest niece also loved it.  I had made it for the arrival of the new baby, and took it over last weekend when we went to visit.  It went down a storm with her and she claimed it as her dancing mat!  Not sure that this is a good idea considering it is for baby to lie on.  I guess he is going to have to become accustomed to being trampled on.  It's a good job she's a little diddly dot!!!

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