Thursday, 28 October 2010

Getting ready for Halloween!

Where has the past week gone to?  A lovely weekend with my brother's family just outside of Peterborough, and the Fairy off for half-term has really disrupted the work schedule!!!

Anyway,  a few weeks ago I had a moment of madness.  I decided that it would be a good idea to have a Halloween Party for the Fairy and her friends... well... they are only young once!  I think that it important for children to get involved organizing, so earlier in the week, I had her drawing around spooky templates and cutting them out ready to be made into bunting.  Today's activity, whilst the little Tinker was sleeping, was making tablecloths.  I got out a spud and some paint, made her a stamp...

... and off she went.

She got out a paintbrush, decided where to print and made two table cloths.

If you ever do anything like this, I recommend that you use a very sharp knife (I used my craft knife), and I also mixed some PVA glue in with the paint so that if (!!!?!) a drink gets spilt we won't have orange splodges all over the table and the children!

Much more to do tomorrow.  Bunting to finish, and I think we will be putting on our pinnies and making spooky cakes and 'slime' jelly!!!

N.B The fairy has informed me that little witches are called witchlings, and little wizards are wizlings.  Excellent!!

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