Sunday, 17 October 2010

If you go chasing rabbits

Last night we had a mass exodus to Blackpool.  Before we started we had a fantastic fish and chip supper (at St Anne's Fish Restaurant), all part of the 'going to Blackpool Illuminations' tradition, and highlight of the evening really.  The lights were very disappointing, after a long trek up the promenade (starting out from Central Pier not a good idea with little legs!!!) we made it to the north pier, where the good ones usually are.  Unfortunately there had been a power cut and quiet a few weren't lit.  We did however get to see some of my favourites from when I was a girl (how old do I sound!) including the Alice in Wonderland ones.  I took the photos with my phone, but I think they have come out pretty well.

This then reminded me of last weekend when we visited Witton Park in Blackburn where they have recently created a fantastic play area for children.  One of my favourite parts was Alice themed again...

...a carved table holding Alice's tea party, fantastic.  There goes the Little Tinker! 

So then because I had Alice mania I had to find White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane (click on the link to listen to it), as I hadn't heard it for a long long time.  Love it and love the imagery that Alice and Wonderland creates.  Fab!

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