Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Hoorah, I'm back!!!

Hello everyone hope you are well.  It is good to be back!

I cannot believe how strange it has been not having my laptop.  I have felt like I have had a limb missing... okay, I know that is quite extreme, but I really can't believe how much I have missed it!!  It is however quite sad starting it up and not having any work at all on it.  I am now going to be very busy reworking my images, recreating my labels and trying to claw back some of the photos that I have lost that have been sent to families and friends.  

I am however looking forward to catching up with everyone else's work.  I think I will have to limit myself as I have so much to do.

I have been reasonably busy over the past few weeks.  Not only have I been back at work, but I have also had a few projects I have been working on.  I have also made a number of pinnies but you're not going to get to see them as I have no images and they sold more or less as soon as they had been made.  This weekend I had a stall at a local garden opening which was a pleasure.  I managed to sell a reasonable amount and met some lovely people.  One lady in particular was a gem, she had so many positive things to say about my work (I was beaming!!) and letting me know some good outlets for fabric, telling me that she would keep me informed if she finds anywhere else.  All good.  

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