Wednesday, 12 May 2010

We're off to Button Moon....

Yesterday we had a welcome visit from Mr Postman. Not a single bill or piece of junk mail. Instead a package for me and a package for my hubby. He got (yet another) piece of vinyl to add to his collection and I got a package of buttons, kindly sent by Incy Wincy Stitches.

My daughter was impressed and these were the ones she decided she liked the best!!!

Claire Hurd posted a blog today with a picture of a heart she had made using some of her buttons. Maybe I will have to make one for us too as I have a load of my granny's buttons that I inherited. It would be a lovely way to use them.

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Claire Hurd Design said...

Thanks for linking to my blog, I am glad you like my button heart.

You should definitely give it a go and show off some of your lovely buttons.

Claire x